What happens if I need advice or legal aid?

What happens if I need advice or legal aid?

We act as bargaining agent initially on behalf of any member who has a dispute or grievance concerning terms of their employment, redundancy, harassment, performance review, etc.

  • If a dispute or grievance is serious, or requires legal interpretation, we employ a Contract lawyer that we can call on to represent the member. We can call on lawyers in all centres.
  • Our legal advisor is also an Employment Agreement specialist and we refer all alterations negotiated with management to our advisor.
  • The Committee does not try to settle disputes that are best handled by a legal representative.

Note: Costs for legal advice are paid for out of member funds subject to such conditions, as the Committee considers appropriate at any time according to the particular circumstances. Staff members may choose to seek their own legal assistance at their own cost. The Staff Association may approve the reimbursement of some or all of such costs if it considers it reasonable and appropriate to do so in the circumstances.

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