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What is The Staff Association and what do we do?


We were formed in 1992 by staff to act as an alternative Union to the Financial Sector Union (FINSEC), now FIRST Union. Staff Association is not part of the Company and acts independently for the benefit of staff of any Suncorp (previously Promina) division or owned Company.

Members elect committee members and the Committee co-opt more to provide good coverage across all divisions. The Committee elects a President, Secretary and Treasurer.  

So how do you join? click here  for more information

May 2022 - May 2023 Staff Association Committee members are:

Phillip Foss President       Vero - Auckland +64 9 352 7199
Reece Hearst  Vice President  Asteron Life - Wellington +64 460 7616
Grant Langdale-Hunt Secretary/Treasurer Vero - Christchurch +64 3 372 6816
Claire Wallath Website Admin Suncorp NZ - Auckland +64 27 217 1252
Priti Arora   Suncorp NZ - Auckland +64 27 324 1438

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